This site hosts public repositories of the Free Software projects I work on. They are mostly covered by the GNU General Public License 3 but some are GNU Affero General Public License or BSD 3-Clause.

As a background these projects are a combination of my life-long hobby in software hacking (a bit of a semi-abusive love/hate relationship) and a couple of decades+ as a professional Software Engineer.

Projects I have worked on cover a broad spectrum from the world wide web to desktop applications. I mostly write C and Java, and exclusively using a GNU development platform, but many of the applications are platform agnostic or can be cross compiled. I have particular interests in API and GUI design, performance and stability, and in general getting more done with fewer lines of code and in less time. These projects only represent a small fraction, just the projects I've worked on since the site went live.

This site's style is an attempt at a Commodore 64 `look'. Some of it is a little ugly so I'm still playing with it. css seems about as buggy as everything else on the internet.

ProjectSourceClone URLDocumentationInfo
compilerz tree Experiments with antlr and asm.
blogz tree A dumb C blog engine that runs
busymon tree Monitors excessive computer use
csvedit tree A basic CSV (tab separated) file editor using Swing.
Delta-Z tree 2.0 Java Docs A compact binary delta library for Java (like VCDIFF)
DuskZ tree An iteration of the DuskRPG server and client
esp-ld2410 tree Complete driver for HLK LD2410C radar module
extensionz tree Simple firefox web-extensions
libeze tree A static link library of C utilities
NativeZ tree foreign-abi Native binding system
jjmpeg tree foreign-abi FFmpeg binding for Java
zcl tree foreign-abi Docs (foreign-abi) OpenCL binding for Java - It's kinda dead because
no drivers for my laptop and nobody else seems
to give a shit any more either.
panamaz tree OpenJDK project panama exploration
vulkanz tree java.lang.foreign Vulkan binding
playerz tree playerz-1 Music player
zproto-vulkan tree Vulkan experiments in C
workbench-2.0 tree AmigaOS theme for gtk2, gtk3, and xfwm4